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Thanks to its infinite scalability and extensive search and filter capabilities, Anssr Analytics can store unprecedented amounts of data and drill down instantaneously on any set of user attributes while the data is still streaming into the platform. This makes Druid a powerful ally for anyone working in the field of Science and Research because it means you’ll gather the answers you’re looking for quicker and be able to make your decisions faster.

Where metrics are concerned, Anssr Analytics can compute distinct counts in less than a second, enabling you to instantly view general trends and respond accordingly. You can also utilise Druid’s funnel analysis capability to compare and contrast results both in real-time and historically, allowing you to confidently predict and prepare for what’s on the horizon. That kind of knowledge is invaluable, no matter what kind of project you’re working on.

Click here to read about a Science and Research problem Druid recently solved that was literally out of this world. Clue: Despite what the song says, not all satellites are sleeping!

How can data streaming supercharge your business?

When performance and uptime are critical, Anssr's real-time analytics will give you the answers you need quicker than you ever thought possible.

Anssr Analytics works well with any event-oriented, clickstream, timeseries, or telemetry data, especially streaming datasets from Apache Kafka. It’s also perfect for developing user-faced applications, especially when you want your users to ask their own questions.

With Anssr’s data streaming capabilities you can analyse the performance of your digital products, track the usage of your mobile apps, diagnose problems and analyse security threats. You can find commonalities between events to enhance product performance and identify the areas or components that need to be improved. Anssr’s real-time analytics can also help you improve customer engagement with your products and ensure that your digital marketing is working for you in the most effective budget-efficient ways possible.

Track user activity to unlock more business potential

Thanks to its extensive search and filter capabilities, Anssr Analytics can drill down quickly and easily on any set of user attributes. Anssr is often used for clickstreams, viewstreams and activity streams and is particularly useful when measuring user engagement, deciphering usage patterns or tracking A/B test data for product releases.

Where user metrics are concerned, Anssr Analytics can compute distinct counts (like daily active users) in less than a second, enabling you to instantly view general trends and respond accordingly. You can also utilise Druid’s funnel analysis capability to find out how many of your users take one action but don’t take another action. That’s the kind of information you need on your side, especially when you’re tracking user signups or determining your next move in your latest digital campaign.

Whatever user activity you want to measure and compare, you can rely on Anssr Analytics to give you the answers.

Use network flows to streamline your performance

Using Anssr, you can collect the data from network flows and arbitrarily slice and dice it along any set of attributes you choose, including core attributes like IP, protocol and port, and enhanced attributes such as geolocation, application, facility and ASN. Anssr Analytics can also be used to calculate complex metrics including average flow rate, quantiles on packet size, and bytes per second.

Because Druid is built to ingest and intensively query large numbers of flow records at real-time interactive speeds, you’ll always know exactly how your network is performing and be able to instantly capture the data that’s vital to your business’s security and success.

Discover what your digital marketing data is really telling you

Advertising campaigns are expensive so it’s critical to squeeze as much information out of your incoming data as possible. With Anssr, you can measure and understand your ad campaign’s performance, click-through rates and conversion rates (or any other attributes you’re looking for) and use Druid’s slice and dice capability to filter the results down by publisher, campaign, user information and more. You can instantly compute impressions and calculate eCPM and present your data visually in dashboards and reports to share with your team.

Analysing digital marketing data is what Druid was originally designed for, and that’s why many companies (like Conde Nast and Inmobi) rely on Druid’s interactivity and versatility to track how their online advertising is performing in the global marketplace. In fact, Druid has seen such a substantial up-tick in the production of this data that the largest clusters in the world hold petabytes of digital marketing data on thousands of servers. Still, it doesn’t matter how much big data you’re dealing with – Druid never slows down!

Stay on top of Application Performance Management

Want to know how your users are interacting with your application, or how the application’s metrics are performing? Those are just two of the ways Anssr Analytics can help you manage your application performance data. You can also use Anssr to find out how well (or not) the various individual elements of your application are working, troubleshoot issues and identify bottlenecks.

Druid’s unparalleled ability to analyse substantial amounts of big data in real-time means it doesn’t have the restrictions of most other ‘traditional’ solutions. In fact, there are no limits to the volume, complexity, and throughput of data Druid can analyse. Druid can compute complex metrics on load, performance and usage and rapidly analyse application events with thousands of attributes. That’s why many of the world’s largest companies use Druid to ingest the data from thousands of their applications, producing results at millions of events per second.

Use real-time analytics for IoT and Device Metrics

At heart, Druid is a three-fold analytics engine that combines elements of timeseries databases, column-oriented analytic databases, and search indexing systems. On paper, that reads like a very long complicated sentence. In practice, it means that Druid can handle time-based queries, numerical aggregations and search and filter queries astonishingly quickly, rapidly providing all the information you need to optimise your resources, improve performance, and troubleshoot issues as soon as they appear.

Want more complexity? That’s no problem. With Druid, you can include thousands of tags within your metrics and arbitrarily group, filter and rank tags on any combination. More than that, Druid lets you search and filter on tag values at orders of magnitude faster than traditional timeseries databases. In the competitive business world, where time is of the essence, Druid’s real-time analytics will give you a significant advantage.

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