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Machine Learning

Once thought of as something of the future, only seen in movies and books, we are now very much in the era of machine learning. To put it simply, machine learning is the ability of computers to learn on their own (with or without supervision) by using algorithms that churn through large amounts of data. Supervised algorithms still require humans to provide input and the desired output as well as providing feedback about the accuracy of the predictions during the training stage. After training, the algorithm will then apply what it has learned to new data that is inputted. Unsupervised algorithms tend to be used for far more complex tasks than supervised learning systems. They do not need to be trained with desired outcome data. Instead it uses an approach called Deep Learning to review data and arrive at conclusions on its own.

Machine learning has now become one of the most powerful tools in business. With such a large availability of big data, internet of things and ever improving algorithms, business intelligence has potential like never before.

How we can help

Our team of experts utilise powerful software such as, Jupyter, Tensorflow, DL4J and Spark to ensure we can help you stay ahead of the competition as you take the steps to adopt machine learning into your organisation. If you feel that your business is ready to take your first step into machine learning then get in touch and find out how we can help.

  • Open Source Software

    The software we use is all Open Source and developed to provide an exact function. The importance of having a community of developers providing regular tests and updates is vital.

  • New Technologies

    Spicule have a data driven approach to business and adopt innovative practices to ensure our clients receive a more accurate and complete view of their data.

  • Supervised or Unsupervised

    There are a number of ways to build a machine learning pipeline supervision is just on of them. Let us help you by offering advice and support when developing your machine learning platform.

  • Advanced Visualisations

    With our years of business intelligence and data processing experience we know how to visualise data. We can help when it comes to showing your consumers what matters.

  • GPU Deployments

    Deploy on prem or in the cloud and utilise GPUs to help enhance processing performance. We can help advise how to deploy a GPU cluster internally or provide automation for a cloud based solution.

  • The Future Today

    Bring the technologies of the future to your business today. Predict trends, find insight hidden in your data. Spicule can help transform your business, with data.

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