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Reduce the time and cost of deploying, scaling and securing complex data platforms such as Apache Drill and Hadoop. Utilising the power of the Anssr Platform will allow you to unlock previously unseen patterns, gain insights and analyse your data that will help you realise your company's true potential.

“At Anssr we know and understand data. Not only do we understand data, we understand what underpins data. We allow our users to create flexible data platforms that are easy to spin up and work in a range of environments.” Tom Barber
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What is Anssr?

We offer industry leading consultancy in the world of data-centric devops and systems automation.

Anssr has been built by Spicule’s experience developers and is a collection of Business Intelligence solutions that provide an architecture for businesses to analyse, reveal patterns and gain insights into their company data.

  • Data analytics
  • Enterprise search
  • Scalable systems design
  • Data service deployments
  • Automation processes

Saiku Drill

Combining Saiku Analytics with the scalable power of Apache Drill, we enable users to query a multitude of data sources. Apache Drill & Saiku are a perfect combination for enterprise scale data discovery.

Drill Hadoop

Processing data a scale can be a tricky proposition. But using the Drill and Hadoop bundle, it becomes easy to deploy Hadoop at scale and connect your favourite BI tool to the platform.

Our other services

At Spicule we love all things data oriented so whether you are looking for high volume data processing, enterprise search engine solutions, business intelligence & analytics or  a machine learning solution for your business then we can certainly help. Have a look around our site and drop us a line to let us know your requirements.

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