At Spicule we are passionate about service, good communication, flexibility and ultimately delivering a great customer experience. We like to provide solutions to real problems within business. Whether that is increasing your bottom line, improving the service you deliver to your customers or just allowing you to gain better insight into your business then we are confident we can help.
We think outside of the box to provide solutions that are truly beneficial to your business going forward and not just a sticking plaster to patch things up and keep services running. Cost is obviously a big factor for all business and with our commitment to supporting and developing open source software it allows us to pass that saving on to our clients.
Amongst other services, we provide personalised dashboards that give you a level of flexibility that isn’t possible from the off the shelf offerings. We will provide answers to your most pressing questions at a fraction of the price of the more traditional reporting tools.
Using the knowledge and skills we have gained over the 15 years of working within IT predominately in the business intelligence field we feel confident we can make a real difference within your organisation.

We love data!

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