DC/OS is the Data Center Operating System, written by Mesosphere. It is based upon the open source Apache Mesos project and offers features like, HA, monitoring, autoscaling and packaging for your Docker containers. DC/OS lets you turn your entire data center into a single block of CPU, RAM and Disk which leaves means that users spend less time worrying about where they are going to deploy their software and more time actually implementing new features.

DC/OS is also ideal for large scale data clusters with support for:

  • HDFS
  • Kafka
  • Cassandra
  • Spark
  • Arrango DB
  • MySQL
  • and many more…

it can be the perfect foil for your application or analytics platform.


Spicule offers expert knowledge and skills when it comes to deploying both your DC/OS stack and the containers within it. If you are interested in deploying your containers in a highly scalable, fault tolerant manner, schedule a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

DC/OS is designed for use both in cloud providers and on premise, we can help guide you along the correct path. Once you have your DC/OS cluster deployed we can offer expert training and development services allowing you to get on with development.

DCOS User Interface
Getting Started With DCOS Book

getting started with dcos