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The Customer


Import Export Support is a Norfolk-based consultancy firm who specialise in helping organisations within East Anglia with their excise and import-export supply chain activities to ensure that they are compliant with HMRC’s legislation.

“We have been seriously impressed with the data analysis tool that the team at Spicule have created for us. Armed with this new tool we have been able to dispense with the clunky Excel lookups and pivot tables which had started to fail under the sheer volume of data we process” Tracey Renshaw
Principal Consultant

The Challenge

One of the most significant challenges that Import Export Support faced was the use of Microsoft Excel and pivot tables. The amount of data that IES were receiving was increasing, and this information was all sent through in Excel files. Because of the sheer size of these files and the way that Excel deals with processing data they started to fail. This issue meant that IES were having to use valuable hours building reports for their clients manually, which was a very time-consuming process that pulled attention from their crucial work around refining the customer experience.

The Solution

IES approached Spicule to find a way to solve the inefficient performance of their data processing in Excel. Having worked extensively in the Business Intelligence sector, we knew they needed a scalable, dashboard-driven analytics platform that would resolve their short-term problem and give them flexibility going forward. IES work with multiple clients, so needed a system that would interrogate their data quickly and intuitively. Better yet, as the new IES platform is hosted in the Cloud, their clients can easily access it to leverage key data.

Some of the Technologies We Use

We now use a series of saved queries and reports to more efficiently deliver reports for our clients. Using simple data queries we can run bespoke reports quickly and accurately, enabling us to provide an excellent service to our customers. Quote Tracey Renshaw
Principal Consultant

The Result

Once the platform was built and implemented it meant that there was no longer the need for IES to produce the time consuming, static reports for their clients. We delivered a high performance, open source software solution that has provided an easy-to-use interface for IES staff to upload the data into, and where their clients can now gain previously unseen insights and discover what is happening within their business. This solution is both flexible, scalable and extendable – and, crucially, can adapt to any modifications IES require in the future.

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