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The Customer

Almary Green

Almary Green Investment Ltd is a multi-award winning independent financial advisory business who work across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. As a chartered firm – the gold standard for the industry – Almary Green provide high-quality financial advice, service and support.

“We asked Spicule to look into the way we process our data and also help us improve our internal workflow processes. We provided them with access to our software and also asked them to conduct interviews with some of our key employees. They provided us with a detailed report which highlighted some areas we could focus on to help us work more efficiently moving forward.” Louisa Foreman
HR Manager
Almary Green

The Challenge

Almary Green processes large amounts of data and knows there is significant insight contained within it. Every one of their customers has a portfolio on record that holds all kinds of valuable information. The management team identified two areas to explore: how the data could be processed more efficiently, and if the flow of data around the company could be streamlined. They believed they were missing opportunities and critical insight but were unsure of exactly what these were. Although they had some systems providing a certain level of reporting, they didn’t interact all with each other. As a consequence, and due to some of the processes being manual, vital bits of information could be missed.

The Solution

Almary Green asked Spicule to visit their Norwich office and interview employees so we could get a better understanding of the issues. We aimed to help address the problems they were experiencing with regards to internal workflows, how data was being processed and how they could gain insights into the valuable data they handled within their organisation. In preparation of our visit, we were granted access to their systems to allow us to gain a better understanding of the software in use and any issues this may have been causing


The Result

After the Spicule team had spent a day at their offices, we were able to compile a detailed report based on our findings and observations. The report contained a three-step process to help resolve problems that AGI were facing. Firstly, improve the human element, then the software they were using and finally improve the quality of the data. The report started AGI on the path to maximised efficiency, faster processes and allowed them an even better understanding of customer issues. They are now running much-improved data processing system, and able to take advantage of the opportunities it highlights.

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