About us

Here is a little bit of history about us. Having worked in IT, specifically the data processing part, for over a decade I have had to repeat an awful lot of operations. Thousands of database installations, configurations and optimisations, monitoring installed, servers scaled to cope with demand.

There had to be a better way?

Spicule was founded from the knowledge I gained in repeating these operations as I had aggregated this into a number of reusable operations that I can deploy time and again in nearly any scenario.

Whether you are struggling with maintaining large volume of servers, having stability issues or are overwhelmed with high running costs, I can help.

Of course, it does not stop there, and in repeating these operations, I needed ways to scale, distribute and optimise my data processing capabilities and improving my processes by using containers, hybrid clouds and enhanced data locality helped me to further enhance the systems that were in place.

Gone are the days of single-use servers in a data centre, ensuring you get optimum performance and utilisation is key to keeping costs down and services up, be it in the cloud or on premise.

So if you are tired of fighting with your current systems, let’s have a chat about how moving to the cloud can make you more efficient and make life easier, and save a ton of money in the process.

Our history

Founded in 2015 to offer high quality consultancy in the world of devops and systems automation. Spicule has developed systems for a range of companies including NASA and the UK government.

We specialise in developing highly scalable application platforms for customers using open source, reusable code to maximise efficience and minimise turn around time. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible to ensure our customers leave with a high degree of confidence in the work we have provided and ensure they feel comfortable with the finished product.