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About Us

Our Story

Since 2016, Spicule has been a leader in data systems design, initially crafted to meet the rigorous demands of NASA JPL.

Our expertise in providing advanced solutions and strategic advice has empowered IT managers worldwide. We specialize in enhancing data accessibility and extracting meaningful insights, ensuring that your data works smarter for you. With Spicule, experience a partnership that transforms your data management, aligning it with the dynamic needs of modern IT landscapes.

We are driven by knowledge

Spicule has a singlular goal. That goal is to make the data our customers have easier to understand and action against. Our mission is to help you understand the data you have at your fingertips.

Super Efficient

We build systems that are quick and effective working with our customers to ensure they fit the requirements.

Deeply Commited

Our commitment to you is that we are here to be your guide, if you have questions we’ll find the answers.

Highly Skilled

Incorporated in 2016 but our knowledge and experience can be traced back much further, our skills are second to none.

Tom Barber