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Here is a little bit of history about us. Having worked in IT, specifically the data processing part, for over a decade we have had to repeat an awful lot of operations. Thousands of database installations, configurations and optimisations, monitoring installed, servers scaled to cope with demand.

There had to be a better way?

Spicule was founded from the knowledge we have gained from repeating these operations as we had aggregated this into a number of reusable operations that we could deploy time and again in nearly any scenario.

Whether you are struggling with maintaining large volume of servers, having stability issues or are overwhelmed with high running costs, we can help.

Of course, it does not stop there, and in repeating these operations, we needed ways to scale, distribute and optimise our data processing capabilities and improving our processes by using containers, hybrid clouds and enhanced data locality helped us to further enhance the systems that were in place.

Gone are the days of single-use servers in a data centre, ensuring you get optimum performance and utilisation is key to keeping costs down and services up, be it in the cloud or on premise.

So if you are tired of fighting with your current systems, let’s have a chat about how moving to the cloud can make you more efficient and make life easier, and save a ton of money in the process.

Spicule are a talented group of developers and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Quote David Ballard
Associate Director

Formed with a Purpose

Our history

Founded in 2015 to offer high quality consultancy in the world of devops and systems automation. Spicule has developed systems for a range of companies including NASA and the UK government.

We specialise in developing highly scalable application platforms for customers using open source, reusable code to maximise efficience and minimise turn around time. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible to ensure our customers leave with a high degree of confidence in the work we have provided and ensure they feel comfortable with the finished product.

Meet Our Team

Here to Help With Your Data Needs


    Founder of Spicule LTD, Tom cut his teeth developing large scale business intelligence systems, he now takes than knowledge into other domains designing and building large scale data systems.

    Tom has spend his whole career in the data sector and has a wealth of experience and knowledge allow him to keep up with the current trends and tools. Tom has also extensive experience in systems design and operations, Devops and deployments, allowing him to take data processing to the next level.

    Having worked for a range of different companies around the UK and abroad Tom has a wealth of knowledge to help customers save money and time when building data systems regardless of scale.

    Tom’s most notable projects include Devops design and implementation for a large scale Genomics research project, Machine Learning support on a Dark Web crawler for the US Government and high volume transactional processing and multi site deployment of ETL tooling for a multi national marking agency. Tom’s versatility in business has helped Spicule expand its footprint over its existence and work both in the USA and UK markets.


    • Systems Design
    • Platform Troubleshooting
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Processing
    • Programming
    • Project Management
    • Database Design and Optimisation
    • Data Workflow Design
    • Design Container Deployment
    • Devops
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    Stephen has joined Spicule after many years in the retail sector to help drive commercial sales along side working with clients and prospective clients to ensure targets are met. Stephen’s experience in retail especially customer focused positions is invaluable to Spicule where we make customer satisfaction and enhanced communication a priority. 

    Stephen have spent the last 15 years managing teams of varying sizes in many different areas of the retail and customer service sectors. He takes great pride in maximising the tools he has at his disposal to ensure that standards and targets are always met. On joining Spicule Stephen’s first task was to redesign the website ensuring that we explain our product offerings and solutions in a manner that customers can understand.

    Stephen then went on to tune our communications channels with customers to make sure that their needs are met in a timely manner. In his spare time Stephen is learning the technical side of the business to offer another perspective to end users and ensure that technical knowledge is passed on both effectively and efficiently.

    Stephen also drives the Spicule customer team, working on the ground with both existing and potential customers to ensure everyone feels at ease with the solutions Spicule offer.


    • Customer Relations
    • Shrinkage Reduction
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Profit Maximisation
    • Business Analysis
    • Customer-Focused Relations
    • Costing and Budgeting
    • Networking
    • New Product Launches
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    Oliver Hill (1)
    Oliver joined Spicule in 2018. Oliver has been involved in and at times led many businesses throughout a number of sectors. Following a career that started in estate agency, he built a ten year career within the public sector before leaving his last senior management position to work in a his families many successful businesses, most notable of those being Angling Direct plc.

    Oliver is the founder of Hill Coaching Company LTD (HCC LTD) and remains very active. HCC LTD work with leaders, teams and entrepreneurs to enhance their performance, and deliver meaningful change that brings real results. Armed with years of senior management and leadership experience, HCC LTD combine business skills with strengths-based development and motivational tools to fine tune the talents of staff at all levels. It doesn’t take long to make an impact with this approach, but the results are permanent.

    Oliver specialises in boosting business productivity through effective employee engagement and efficient business systems. This approach ensures fluid and flexible business strategies which compliments Spicule’s position as an innovative leader in the world of data processing & management as well as the wider tech sector. At the core of Oliver’s beliefs and practices are the sustainable development goals of the United Nations which Oliver has helped us realise are closely aligned to our own.


    • Business strategy
    • Sustainable development
    • Employee engagement strategy
    • Strength based development
    • Motivational mapping
    • Customer experience
    • Business growth
    • Project management
    • Productivity enhancement
    • Retail
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