data deployments

We cut our teeth designing scalable data solutions for NASA, so we know how to build data platforms and we know how to build platforms that scale. Big data or small data, we can help you pick the right software and servers to do the job, then we can configure them to ensure you get the most optimum power and throughput available. We can also provide solutions for on demand scaling and high availability clustering.

We have expert knowledge in Hadoop and Spark based solutions, scalable MySQL and PostgreSQL deployments along with deploying Mongo DB clusters, Elastic Search and Solr. If you want to optimise your data platform we’re here to help!

Performance Is KeySpeed

Ever since the advent of the search engine, that requirement to have the answers instantly at users fingertips has been ever present. At Spicule we know how to optimise systems to extract every ounce of performance possible out of both servers and software. We can offer consultancy advice to help you improve performance of existing systems, or build new data platforms from scratch designed to coexist with your data in such a way users can find the answers in an instant.

We love data!

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