container orchestration

Containers are all the rage at the moment, they offer an effective, lightweight way to deploy software in such a manner that when you have finished with it, you can tear it down and your server will go back to its original state without leaving stray files and clutter. The problem with containers is that without orchestration, they are statically constrained to a single host. Container orchestration allows developers to deploy their containers in a way that allows for scale, fault tolerance and more.

At Spicule we use DC/OS for all our internal processes and server control, this allows us to spend more time building quality software and services and less time worrying about the hardware. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how container orchestration would help supercharge your software deployment.

Container Benefits

Because containers are lightweight virtual machines, you get to have your cake, and eat it. Deploy containers to your serve, let them perform their task, then wipe them away when you’re done. Of course this is a very simplistic overview, but containers allow for simplified deployment because you know what code is going to be deploy and you can deploy that same code 1000 times across the globe and you know, it will still be the same.

Because of the way containers are constructed, they are built, developers and administrators need to collaborate, both on how they are deployed but also what goes in them, how they are maintained and updated and what the release process looks like. Spicule can offer consultancy advice to make sure you have the processes in place to deploy containers regularly and remain confident in their security and stability.