Solving Problems

Some solutions we provide

At Spicule we like to provide solutions to problems. We think outside of the box to provide solutions that are truly beneficial to your business going forward and not just a sticking plaster to patch things up and keep services running.

Some solutions we provide are, highly scalable Continuous Integration pipe lines, scalable Big Data deployments, Container Orchestration and container scaling development and bespoke systems design to ensure you have enough capacity and resilience to keep your servers running during the most testing times.

On Premise/Cloud Deployment

Cloud or On Premise, we don't mind. Spicule can help you deploy your services both quickly and flexibly.

Scalable Systems Design

As requirements for data storage and processing grow so do the servers powering them. We can design your servers and services for the future.

Data Processing

With decades of data processing experience, we know how to get the best performance from the hardware available in your data centre.

Server Design and Building

Want on premise cloud solutions, but lacking the hardware? We can spec and build the hardware to meet your needs, keeping costs to a minimum.