Our main services

At Spicule we believe in selecting the right tools for the job. We aren't restricted to using one set of tools or tooling, we will work with the customer to ensure we deploy the services with their needs in mind. This allows for greater interaction and support for the client when if we hand the administration back.

We deal with infrastructure design, deployment techniques, platform scaling, server selection and more. If you need help getting started with systems operations or need some extra help getting over the line with a large scale deployment, we can help.

On Premise/Cloud Deployment

Cloud or On Premise, we don't mind. Spicule can help you deploy your services both quickly and flexibly.

Scalable Systems Design

As requirements for data storage and processing grow so do the servers powering them. We can design your servers and services for the future.

Data Processing

With decades of data processing experience, we know how to get the best performance from the hardware available in your data centre.

Server Design and Building

Want on premise cloud solutions, but lacking the hardware? We can spec and build the hardware to meet your needs, keeping costs to a minimum.