How can Juju help me?

Modern software is often multi node, maybe multi platform and sometimes distributed either for performance or resiliency. This causes an interesting problem when it comes to deploying the packages and also in administration and upkeep. Juju introduces the idea of application modeling, which allows developers to encapsulate applications and define how they should behave during deployment, scaling, when talking to other applications and more, but it does not define, where it should be deployed and in what scale. This idea is important when it comes to flexible deployments in the cloud and elsewhere.

Juju allows businesses to save time and money by removing a number of the stumbling blocks to deployment and dramatically decreasing the time it takes to get your applications up and running.

Official charms from the central charm store are tested and accepted by Canonical, which helps improve the quality of the code being deployed, when combined with unlimited re-use and easy extension to add new features, Juju makes a very capable platform that can transform IT departments running legacy systems and services.

How does it differ?

Juju is designed to be easy to get started and offers a nice GUI and platform tools. It's not a container deployment platform, but does allow you to spin up applications in a multitude of places, either in the cloud, on bare metal or inside containers, all from the same code.

Not only that but it allows administrators to tell the stack how applications should be hosted, for example what VM size, or where that VM is placed. Maybe the administrator wants to run multiple applications on the same piece of hardware, this is easily achieved.

The other important aspect of application modeling is what the application does when it's exposed to another application. For example, what happens when you spin up Mediawiki and MySQL? Normally an administrator would have to login to the Mediawiki and configure the MySQL hostname, port, username and database. Well in Juju these actions can be performed automatically, and also clean up when the administrator removes the relation, or swaps MySQL for PostgreSQL.

Combined with an ease of administration, central store for charms that allow users to grab code "off the shelf" and the development being driven by Canonical, Juju provides a platform that will get users started quickly and provide a stable operations platform into the future.

What Spicule Offer

Spicule can offer a number of services to help people who use or are interested in using the Juju platform

  • Proof of concept demos.
  • Charm writing and extending.
  • Systems design and building.
  • Help and support for existing Juju deployments.

If you are interested in getting started with Juju, give us a call and we'd love to discuss your requirements, we can spin up demonstrations on the call or visit your offices to demonstrate how Juju works. Similarly if you have a Juju platform up and running but a key piece of software isn't yet in the charm store, we write those those charms for you to help migrate your entire systems over to Juju, those charms can be both open or closed source depending on the application and customer requirements. If you already have Juju up and running and need help and support, Spicule can provide you with on site or off site support services, systems migration and if required full system administrator services for your business.

Get in touch!