How does Juju simplify big data?

If you work with Hadoop, Spark or one of the other 'big data' platforms you will likely be used to the self contained virtual machines that the vendors use to ship demo and test environments. Utilising the flexible deployment scenarios that Juju allows, you can deploy the same big data stack to containers on your laptop, OpenStack cluster or Cloud provider, knowing the setup will be consistent and machine topology identical. This allows you to test and deploy with confidence.

Be in control of your Big Data deployment and easily extend your stack with monitoring, alerting and more, all with next to no code.

Juju and Hadoop

Hadoop is hard to deploy and hard to upgrade, let Juju do it for you. Utilising the Apache Bigtop reference implementation, the Juju Big Data charms allow you to deploy a full Hadoop stack on whatever hardware you choose. Relations with Spark, Flume, Kafka and more allow you to incorporate more components into your stack extending functionality and allowing different processing methods to be run over your data.

At Spicule we can deploy and configure your Hadoop deployment. We can also help design your workflows and data ingestion pipelines. With knowledge of both Hadoop workloads and optimal deployment strategies, we can ease the onboarding and optimisation process.

Streaming data with Juju

Stream data with Juju's Apache Flume or Kafka and relate these charms to your Apache Bigtop Hadoop deployment to enhance your data processing stack. Clustering and scaling are available out of the box and allow you to configure your streaming data stack exactly how you'd like it.

As real time analytics and IOT workloads become more common place, streaming solutions are becoming more commonplace. Let us work with you to bring the streaming workloads to life and flow data of any scale into your processing and reporting solution with ease.

We can also provide support and scaling services to ensure you don't worry about the frameworks and concentrate on the data.

Juju and Data Visualisation

Juju also supplies a number of high quality data visualisation tools. For Data Scientists there is Apache Zeppelin, for end users there is Saiku Analytics. Want to leverage your own in house reporting tool? No problem, we can expose the ports required to allow you to attach your Juju data stack to your own reporting platform.

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