Our history

A little about ourselves

Born out of a requirement for more flexible systems and applications design, Spicule was founded in 2015 to facilitate this. We are based in Norwich, England and Brazil but have colleagues worldwide allowing us to offer a quality service to customers globally.

We offer bespoke systems automation and design consultancy. We believe in making systems as simple as possible by increasing reuse of code and operations to reduce time to market and increase platform stability.

Cloud Management

Cloud or On Premise, we don't mind. Spicule can help you deploy your services both quickly and flexibly.

Scalable Systems Design

As requirements for data storage and processing grow so do the servers powering them. We can design your servers and services for the future.

Data Service Deployments

We can wring every last ounce of performance out of your data platform. Let us turbo charge your systems.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Keep your builds flowing and tested with our expert understanding of CI and CD pipelines.

Container Orchestration

Deploy your containers at scale with our orchestration knowledge.


Application Modelling


Juju is a relatively new to market application modelling platform. What sets it apart from similar tooling is its focus on applications and not infrastructure. Design your application platforms and a lot of the infrastructure needs will take care of themselves.

At Spicule, Juju is one of our main tools for systems and application modelling and deployment and we use it both on our own infrastructure and our clients. It allows developers to create reusable platforms that can be configured quickly to meet our customers exacting needs.

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Systems Automation

Container Orchestration

DC/OS by Mesosphere has emerged as a core technology when deploying containers at scale. Based upon Apache Mesos and used by large tech companies around the world, DC/OS can maintain your cluster in a pain free manner.

Design your services and don't worry about the hardware. DC/OS will take your container and deploy it for you in your data center freeing up your time to write more features for your application.

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Spicule approached the project in a totally professional manner and were able to respond quickly and flexibly to the evolving requirements of the project. Their consultants really knew how to get the best out of Pentaho and delivered the solution in a high pressure environment against tight timescales

- Michael Judd, Williams Lea