On Premise or Hybrid

Cloud Management

It doesn't matter where you deploy your software these days, in one for or another it will likely come into contact with "the cloud". Some customers use services from Amazon or other cloud providers to manage their entire infrastructure, some use bits of the cloud and host the rest on premise.

How and where you deploy your software to is up to you, but at Spicule we can help you make the decision that is right for you. Taking into account, cost, performance, scale, automation and more we can make sure you have all the facts you need to make that leap into the cloud.


Public Cloud

The public cloud sector is booming, with Amazon, Google and Microsoft the main providers in a busy marketplace. Each has their own set of unique features and nuances and choosing the cloud provider that is right for you can be tricky. We can offer advice and support when picking your provider and help when it comes to deploying software to it, automating the provisioning of servers and securing them so your data is safe.


Private Cloud

Of course, there may be reasons why you don't want to deploy your software to the cloud. But, not to worry because at Spicule we can bring the cloud to you. Private cloud solutions exist to provide the same flexibility as the public cloud, but hosted on your own hardware away from other people and systems.

We can help spec your hardware, install new servers to cope with the scale and demand, along with providing training and support for your private cloud deployment.

Cloud Management

Cloud or On Premise, we don't mind. Spicule can help you deploy your services both quickly and flexibly.

Scalable Systems Design

As requirements for data storage and processing grow so do the servers powering them. We can design your servers and services for the future.

Data Service Deployments

We can wring every last ounce of performance out of your data platform. Let us turbo charge your systems.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Keep your builds flowing and tested with our expert understanding of CI and CD pipelines.

Container Orchestration

Deploy your containers at scale with our orchestration knowledge.