June 09, 2017 / by Tom Barber / In Cloud, , On-Premise, , Deployments

To Cloud Or Not To Cloud?

“Most progressive enterprises are knowledgeable about all of the different cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), have researched the major vendors, have started executing on their cloud strategy.” —Mike Kavis, Forbes

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June 06, 2017 / by Tom Barber / In Apache, , Canonical, , Snapcraft

Tika packaging with Snaps

During our work with Juju at Spicule we have on a number of occasions come into contact with the new Snap packaging format. For those of you who don’t know of it, think Debs or RPMs but crossplatform and with additional bells and whistles.

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May 24, 2017 / by Stephen Downie / In Apache

My First ApacheCon

Let me start with a small introduction of myself. My name is Stephen Downie and I have been working in the world of IT for only 2 months. Tom Barber, an ASF member and committer, recently got in touch and offered me the opportunity to retrain. I have previously worked for the last 20 years in retail and if I’m being honest hated 90% of my time at work, so I thought why not. I knew Tom was very knowledgable and I had always been very envious of his Facebook posts, it seemed like every week he was working on a new project in different countries all over the world from India to Europe to the US. As part of the offer he said he would like to take me to Miami to a conference call ApacheCon….How could I say no? I had never heard of ApacheCon prior to this and in my naivety assumed it was something to do with helicopters (like I said I have zero experience in IT). The weeks passed and Tom was sending more and more documentation through, the thoughts that I was massively out of my depth started growing.

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April 27, 2017 / by Tom Barber / In Devops , Git , Juju

Getting going with Gitlab

Gitlab is commonly used in businesses globally and its user base is rapidly expanding, there is a hosted version much like Github, but they also ship a self hosted version which is great for businesses wanted to deploy private git services either at company or department level.

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